Wednesday, November 16, 2011

QQ Sign Up

QQ is a Tencent Inc. owned web portal which was founded in 1998 is China's most used and largest internet website. It is among country's most popular online platform which offer chat, instant messenger service, emails, groups, discussion forums, QQ games, live radio, music, pet, shows, virtual products etc. Now company has also released products and services for mobile phone users and smartphone users through mobile version or on the go apps. QQ Instant messengers is having 448 million active users while 990 total registered users. QQ games and Instant messengers have peak concurrent users as 6.2 millions and 61.3 millions users respectively. is the group site which is among the most popular chinese internet shopping platform.

Website has been developed for general users who can surf via computers / laptops, iPad version, mobile version. There are news and information aobut the Sports, Politics, Technology, Fashion, Games, Reading, Women, Home Appliances, digiatl apps, Stock marktet etc. You can also search via SOSO through for web, video, picture, ask, map, news, music etc.

New users can create their account on by completing the registration form. With the QQ sign up you can also use the contact and find on Tencent Weibo. QQ Login also offers you advantage of using microblogging service, email, shopping, gaming etc.

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